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河南省高壓電器研究所,河南 平頂山 467001 

摘 要:闡述了高壓斷路器進行失步開合試驗的多種試驗線路及其試驗條件,并比較了各自的優缺點。根據試驗站的具體設備條件,選取了便于實施的變壓器雙聯電路和并聯電壓引入回路,并計算了126 kV 級試驗回路的參數,對相應的瞬態恢復電壓TRV 波形進行了仿真,其結果符合預期要求,故可以實施。
中圖分類號:TM834;TM561 文獻標識碼:B 文章編號:1007-3175(2013)11-0036-03

Review on Out-Of-Phase Making and Breaking Test Method of High-Voltage Circuit Breaker 

WU Sheng-gang, ZHANG Jian-xin, ZHAO Jian-pei, WANG Peng-fei, ZHOU Yue-gang 
Henan High Voltage Electric Apparatus Research Institute, Pingdingshan 467001, China 

Abstract: Description was made to the multiple test circuits and the test conditions of high-voltage circuit breakers in carrying out out-of-phase making and breaking test and comparison was made to their advantages and disadvantages. According to the actual test conditions in test station, this paper selected transformer double-circuit which is convenient to carry out and parallel voltage injection circuit and calculated parameters of 126 kV level test loop. Simulation was carried out for the relevant transient recovery voltage waveforms. The result is in conformity with the expected requirements, so it can be implemented.
      Key words: high-voltage circuit breaker; out-of-phase making and breaking test; transformer double circuit; parallel voltage injection circuit; transient recovery voltage waveform simulation

[1] GB 1984-2003 高壓交流斷路器[S].
[2] GB/T 4473-2008 高壓交流斷路器的合成試驗[S].